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I am using Spring Data with MongoDB to store very dynamic config data in a toolkit. These Config objects consist of a few organizational fields, along with a data field of type Object. On some instances of Config, the data object refers to a more deeply nested subdocument (such as "" within the database. – this field name is set by getDataField() below). These Config objects are manipulated as they're sent to the database, so the storage code looks something like this:

MongoTemplate template; // This is autowired into the class.
Query query; // This is the same query which (successfully) finds the object.
Config myConfig; // The config to create or update in Mongo

Update update = new Update()
    .set(getDataField(), myConfig.getData())
    .set(UPDATE_TIME_FIELD, new Date())
    .setOnInsert(CREATE_TIME_FIELD, new Date())
    .setOnInsert(NAME_FIELD, myConfig.getName());

template.upsert(query, update, Config.class);

Spring recursively converts the data object into a DBObject correctly, but neither the data document nor any of its subdocuments have "_class" fields in the database. Consequentially, they do not deserialize correctly.

These issues seem quite similar to those previously reported in DATAMONGO-392 , DATAMONGO-407, and DATAMONGO-724. Those, however, have all been fixed. (I am using spring-data-mongodb 1.4.2.RELEASE)

Am I doing something incorrectly? Is there a possibility that this is a Spring issue?

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It would be incredibly helpful if you describe, what's actually going wrong. What does "not deserialize correctly" mean? – Oliver Gierke Jul 28 '14 at 12:55
Because the data field has no "_class" field, and is mapped to a java field of type Object, The mapper can't infer what type the data object was originally deserialized from. It defaults to a Map<String, Object>, which obviously can't be used as the original type. I have actually found a workaround (converting the data field to a DBObject before setting it in the upsert), so this is no longer super critical to me. If you're concerned that it could be a legitimate Spring issue, I'd be happy to continue to provide information. Thanks for responding! – Ben Delaney Jul 28 '14 at 17:53

Came across a similar issue. One solution is to write your own Converter for Config.class.

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