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I am generating a dynamic assembly using Reflection.Emit and everything works fine but the generated class is marked as internal sealed due to the following code:

var typeBuilder = moduleBuilder.DefineType("MyNamespace.Program", TypeAttributes.Class | TypeAttributes.Sealed);

I don't see any of the TypeAttributes members that would hint at static. It does not seem to be just a compiler convenience as I can see manually written classes show up as static in reflector tools.

How could I mark my own type as static?

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Static classes are a C# concept which doesn't exist at the IL level. In IL you will need to respresent it by the two defining properties of a static class: it can't be instantiated (i.e.it's abstract) and it can't be derived from (i.e. it's sealed). –  CodesInChaos Jul 26 at 7:43
@CodesInChaos: Thanks. I knew that but wasn't thinking about it when looking at the type builders. Most likely because I'm used to the BindingFlags as used in query-only reflection. –  Raheel Khan Jul 26 at 8:06

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Got it to work using:

var builderType = builderModule.DefineType("MyNamespace.Program", TypeAttributes.Class | TypeAttributes.NotPublic | TypeAttributes.Sealed | TypeAttributes.Abstract);

This gives internal static which is what I wanted.

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