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I know I can get currently logged on user name by calling GetUserName. What I'm looking for is an API function that returns the domain of this user.

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#define UNICODE
#define _UNICODE
#include <windows.h>
#include <tchar.h>

BOOL GetCurrentUserAndDomain(PTSTR szUser, PDWORD pcchUser, 
      PTSTR szDomain, PDWORD pcchDomain) {

   BOOL         fSuccess = FALSE;
   HANDLE       hToken   = NULL;
   PTOKEN_USER  ptiUser  = NULL;
   DWORD        cbti     = 0;
   SID_NAME_USE snu;

   __try {

      // Get the calling thread's access token.
      if (!OpenThreadToken(GetCurrentThread(), TOKEN_QUERY, TRUE,
            &hToken)) {

         if (GetLastError() != ERROR_NO_TOKEN)

         // Retry against process token if no thread token exists.
         if (!OpenProcessToken(GetCurrentProcess(), TOKEN_QUERY, 

      // Obtain the size of the user information in the token.
      if (GetTokenInformation(hToken, TokenUser, NULL, 0, &cbti)) {

         // Call should have failed due to zero-length buffer.

      } else {

         // Call should have failed due to zero-length buffer.
         if (GetLastError() != ERROR_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER)

      // Allocate buffer for user information in the token.
      ptiUser = (PTOKEN_USER) HeapAlloc(GetProcessHeap(), 0, cbti);
      if (!ptiUser)

      // Retrieve the user information from the token.
      if (!GetTokenInformation(hToken, TokenUser, ptiUser, cbti, &cbti))

      // Retrieve user name and domain name based on user's SID.
      if (!LookupAccountSid(NULL, ptiUser->User.Sid, szUser, pcchUser, 
            szDomain, pcchDomain, &snu))

      fSuccess = TRUE;

   } __finally {

      // Free resources.
      if (hToken)

      if (ptiUser)
         HeapFree(GetProcessHeap(), 0, ptiUser);

   return fSuccess;

int main()
    TCHAR user[1024], domain[1024];
    DWORD chUser = sizeof(user), chDomain = sizeof(domain);
    if (GetCurrentUserAndDomain(user, &chUser, domain, &chDomain))
        _tprintf(TEXT("user:%s\ndomain:%s\n"), user, domain);

Output in my case:


Notice that you must link the program against advapi32.lib.

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