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The following expression compiles:

Object oa = new float[20]; 

How is this expression valid?

As per my opinion, the correct syntax would be

Object [] oa = new float[20]; 
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Arrays are Objects in Java. –  Chief Two Pencils Jul 26 at 8:11
1. All arrays are objects. 2. Arrays of floats are not arrays of objects (so your "corrected" code will not compile) –  immibis Jul 26 at 8:13
How is this not a duplicate 6 years after Stack Overflow launched? –  Peter Mortensen Jul 26 at 19:33

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Arrays are objects in Java. So an array of floats is an object.

BTW, Object o = new Object[20]; is also valid, since an array of objects is an object.

Also note that Object[] oa = new float[20]; is invalid, since primitive floats are not objects, and an array of floats is thus not an array of objects. What would be correct is

Object[] oa = new Float[20];

Regarding arrays, since they are objects, they have all the methods of java.lang.Object. They also have a public final attribute length, and they are Cloneable and Serializable:

Object o = new float[20];
System.out.println("o instanceof Serializable = " + (o instanceof Serializable)); // true
System.out.println("o instanceof Cloneable = " + (o instanceof Cloneable)); // true
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Is there any replacement to "Object" in the statement "Object oa = new float[20];"? I understood your answer, but I am trying to mingle the line "Arrays are objects in java" –  Rajesh Kumar Jul 26 at 8:15
float[] oa... comes to mind. –  Chief Two Pencils Jul 26 at 8:18
No, there isn't anything as generic as Object when it comes to primitives such as int, float, void, char... –  Filip Haglund Jul 26 at 8:18
Yes, there is. A float[] is of type float[], but also Object, Serializable and Cloneable. –  JB Nizet Jul 26 at 8:19
@Chief Two Pencils: Thanks, now I understood from your comment that "float[]" is replacement for "Object" and it solved my doubt –  Rajesh Kumar Jul 26 at 8:20

Basically, Object is a super class for all the objects in Java. So, making a reference of Object class and then using it as any other object is valid.

Object ob = new Integer(5);

Arrays in Java are nothing but the objects, so reference of Object class can be assigned an array.

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