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I'm displaying a simple 2D Line Plot in ILNumerics using a plot cube. I would like to be able to fix and save the current X- and Y-Axis limits after the user zoomed into the graph. Hence, I tried to receive the upper and lower limits of the axes via:

   var xMin = plotCube.Axes.GetLimits().XMin
   var xMax = plotCube.Axes.GetLimits().XMax

But these values are wrong (-3.40282347E+38 (xMax) and 3.40282347E+38(xMin)).

How can I retrieve the current max and min values of the axes? How can I set the limits when creating a new plot cube?

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Set limits:

plotCube.Limits.Set(new Vector3(0,0,0), new Vector3(2,2,2)); 


Get limits of all 3 coordinates:

Vector3 min = plotCube.Limits.Min, max = plotCube.Limits.Max;


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