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Link to menu: Professional dropdown #2

I was wondering if these posts Suckerfish meets jQuery or Son of Suckerfish dropdowns in jQuery could optimize the menu above.

I need the menu to be optimized for IE6, because when I use the menu as it is, the menu hangs after I click on a menu item that loads a page with heavy processing. It takes too long for the menu to be enabled again.

Any ideas?

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If you change this line (very last one in the script):

if (window.attachEvent) window.attachEvent("onload", stuHover);

To this:


It'll load much faster :)

Currently it's rigged to the equivalent of $(window).load() in jQuery, just because in vanilla JS this is easiest to do. But, this means all images, etc have to be loaded before it just need the elements there, which is what $(stuHover) will do. If this looks confusing, just think of $(function() { }); passing a function to the jQuery constructor just executes it on document.ready.
See here for details :)

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