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I count hits on various pages of my website in the back office, which can be reset in IE, however the reset button does not respond in Chrome.

here the button code used:

    <input type="submit" name="Submit" value="reset counter" onclick="document.location.href('mailing_stats.php?req=reset_counter4&ev=<?=$getrecent?>&wv=<?=$getrecent2?>');" />

here the function:

     case "reset_counter4":
            $add_current = date('d-m-Y').": e-views: ".$_GET[ev]." - w-views: ".$_GET[wv];

            //input new value
            fputs($handle2,$add_current . "\n\n");




    <script type="text/javascript">
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check short hand is eneabled in php.ini or not also let us know which php version you are using?? –  bhushya Jul 26 at 12:18

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you have to start your php code with <?php instead of <?

and you must remove the stray = after the tags and you have to print your variables to the output using e.g echo

 mailing_stats.php?req=reset_counter4&ev=<?php echo $getrecent; ?>&wv=<?php echo $getrecent2; ?>');" />
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The way he's using the short-hand way to echo out variables. –  Ali Jul 26 at 12:23
Unfurtunately the new code did not make a change, I use pHP 5.3.3 –  Kenneth Jul 27 at 18:00

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