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Can I have explanation about this function block and its parameters (timeout: what is it for, busy: when it will be true and false)?

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Well... It's a function block that returns the windows time/date information to your controller.

This looks like it is an asynchronous function block, meaning that you tell it to start, and it takes multiple controller executions to return the results. In the meantime, the busy bit will be true until there is either a fault, or it is successful.

If a fault occurs, the error bit will be set true, and a error ID number will be displayed in the errid field. If the result is returned successfully, the busy bit will be reset with no error feedback.

I'm not familiar with beckhoff programming, but it looks like you specify a timeout. If you don't get a result within the timeout duration, you will get a error.


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I think the busy will still true until timout finished –  Ahmed Yazan Tibi Jul 30 at 13:52

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