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Is there any package that I can use to copy one (or more) file/folder THEN paste into another directory? I am using Ubuntu, and I have the standard terminal + Terminator.

For example, I am looking for a functionality like:

Folder1$ COPY a.txt
Folder1$ cd ../Folder2
Folder2$ PASTE (a.txt -- optional)

Thank you! I just hate to keep referring to the whole path every time!

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This terminal command should work for files:

cp a.txt ../Folder2/a.txt

And for folders:

cp -R myFolder ../Folder2/myFolder
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Thank you for your reply, but this is copy AND paste in the same command. I need copy THEN paste –  MFARID Jul 26 at 16:25
Why would you need that? –  jyek Jul 26 at 16:26
If that's the case try this: apple.stackexchange.com/questions/15318/… –  jyek Jul 26 at 16:28
1- I need it because: (a) I hate referencing folders and I prefer to navigate to the destination; (b) it should be doable because ubuntu file manager does it automatically. 2- The link you sent is a MAC environment. The equivalent to it in Ubuntu is XClip, and technically, it copies the CONTENT or data of a file to the clipboard. It does not work with folders. –  MFARID Jul 26 at 16:46

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