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I have a moderately sized dataset in from which I wish to extract the maximum value of the values in Column B, but those that correspond only to cells in Column A that satisfy certain criteria.

The desired functionality is similar to that of SUMIF or COUNTIF, but neither of those return data that is necessary. There isn't a MAXIF function; how do I emulate one?

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You can use an array formula.In the cell in which you want the max calculated enter: =Max(If([test],[if true],[if false]) where you replace the values in square brackets with the test, what to return if true and what to return if false. For example:


In this formula I return the value in column A if the value divided by 2 has no remainder. Notice that I use a range of cells in my comparison and in the value if false rather than a single cell.

Now, while still editing the cell, hit Ctrl+Shift+Enter (hold down the Ctrl key and the Shift together and then hit enter).

This creates an array formula that acts on each value in the range.

EDIT BTW, did you want to do this programmatically or manually? If programmatically, then what environment are you using? VBA? C#?

EDIT If via VBA, you need to use the FormulaArray property and R1C1 references like so:

Selection.FormulaArray = "=MAX(IF(MOD(R[1]C:R[24]C,2)=0,R[1]C:R[24]C,0))"
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Array formulas don't work very well when you want to use dynamic or named ranges (e.g., "the maximum amount due for rows above the current row that have the same counterparty as the current row). If you don't want to use an array formula, you can always resort to VBA to do something like this:

Function maxIfs(maxRange As Range, criteriaRange As Range, criterion As Variant) As Variant

  maxIfs = Empty
  For i = 1 To maxRange.Cells.Count
    If criteriaRange.Cells(i).Value = criterion Then
        If maxIfs = Empty Then
            maxIfs = maxRange.Cells(i).Value
            maxIfs = Application.WorksheetFunction.Max(maxIfs, maxRange.Cells(i).Value)
        End If
    End If
End Function
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