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enter image description here

My Question:

How can i draw a curve though this data, thus describing an equation for this plot..

I generated this scatter plot by following code, but I am not able to figure out how to generate an equation for this data and draw the corresponding curve on this plot simultaneously. Please Help.!

def draw(data,xlabel,ylabel):
    print('length of data : ',len(data))
    x,y = [],[]
    for i in data:
    plt.scatter(x, y,marker=r'o',color='b')

Basically I want something like this:enter image description here

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You have to perform a curve fitting procedure, which is called a regression problem in mathematics. In your case it seems that data is more or less exponential, but you can fit arbitrary function through scipy.optimize.curve_fit


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Thanks a lot found the best..:) –  Akash Rana Jul 26 at 19:51

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