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I'm using Google Maps v3.

I really like the InfoWindows found in Bing, as opposed to Google.

Screenshots & functionality found here comparing the two:

Question: How can I replicate Bing like InfoWindows while using Google Maps v3?

UPDATE: To be more specific, what I like about Bing's InfoWindows include:
- The pointer dynamically changes sides from left/right/bottom/top, as opposed to Google limited to only have the InfoWindow pointer on the bottom
- Bing's InfoWindows use less space
- You can configure Bing's InfoWindows to pop up outside of the map bounders so that you don't have to autopan the map to display the marker's InfoWindow

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Check out google-maps-utility-library-v3. Specifically, look at InfoBox. It allows you to style the infobox however you want, although you have to do the styling on your own. I don't think you'll be able to have the infobox display outside the map viewport, but you can turn off autopan.

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