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I'm working with a vector field that have a good degree of discretization (100 x 100). I'm plotting it with the quiver function from Matplotlib.

dpi = 200

def plot_quiver(x_dim, y_dim, x_steps, y_steps, vector_field_x, vector_field_y, file_path):
    :param x_dim : the x dimension of the vector field
    :param y_dim : the y dimension of the vector field
    :param x_steps : the discretization in x of the vector field
    :param y_steps : the discretization in y of the vector field
    :param vector_field_x : the x component of the vector field
    :param vector_field_y : the y component of the vector field
    :param file_path : the path to save the data

    x, y = numpy.mgrid[-x_dim/2:x_dim/2:x_steps*1j, -y_dim/2:y_dim/2:y_steps*1j]

    m = numpy.sqrt(numpy.power(vector_field_x, 2) + numpy.power(vector_field_y, 2))
    fig = plt.quiver(x, y, vector_field_x, vector_field_y, m)

    # Add some margin
    l, r, b, t = plt.axis()
    dx, dy = r-l, t-b
    plt.axis([l-0.1*dx, r+0.1*dx, b-0.1*dy, t+0.1*dy])

    plt.savefig(file_path + '.png', dpi=dpi)

With this piece of code, I get images like this one:

enter image description here

As can be seen, it's possible to distinguish the magnitude of the vectors, however, it's hard to see their directions.

I'm wondering how can I increase the spacing between each point in the grid in order to be possible to see the vectors direction. Or if there another appropriated approach.

Thank you.

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Could you just feed fewer points to your quiver? Wouldn't `x[::2],y[::2]...' double the spacing by cutting out every other point? That's just a basic way, you could use a more sophisticated process to remove points as needed. –  Dan Jul 27 '14 at 4:33
This was one of my thoughts, @Dan. However, I din't know how to properly do that (didn't know about this idexation). Thank you. –  pceccon Jul 27 '14 at 14:22
Another good one to index with a Boolean array. Just put the name of it or a logical statement in to the brackets. –  Dan Jul 27 '14 at 14:34

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