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I am using the Google Fusion Tables API to get rows from a Fusion Table (I am intending to update those rows but am trying to keep it simple until I get the connection right). The table is set to Unlisted and Downloadable in its settings. I have the API key right since the request works fine when I load it in a browser, but when I execute my code I get a Bad Request response from Google. Below is the code I am using:

NOTE: I am not using Oauth at this time to authenticate the request. The documentation states that this is not necessary if you are using a GET string and sql statements to manipulate the data. The key below should work from any source, but I intend to switch to a server key for security.

$sellerlist = Mage::getModel('marketplace/userprofile')->getCollection()->addFieldToFilter('partnerstatus',array('eq'=>'Seller'))->addFieldToFilter('wantpartner',array('eq'=>1)); 
foreach($sellerlist as $seller){
            $profileurl = Mage::getUrl()."marketplace/seller/profile/".$seller->getProfileurl();
            if($seller->getshoptitle()!=''){ $shoptitle = $seller->getshoptitle();}
             else {  $shoptitle = $seller->getprofileurl(); }
            $latitude = $seller->getlatitude();
            $longitude = $seller->getlongitude();
            if ($latitude !== ''){

                $req = curl_init();
                curl_setopt($req, CURLOPT_URL, urlencode(" ROWID FROM 12rLP9qGYclz-kkDa_y_NJ1Meh81EZK_5o7yp38sk WHERE shoptitle='".$shoptitle."'&key=AIzaSyAqt5biL_4nsZ25ZZC1RaeClssOIhXkn_k"));
                curl_setopt($req, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true);
                curl_setopt($req, CURLOPT_HEADER, 0);
                curl_setopt($req, CURLOPT_FRESH_CONNECT, true);

                $responseJSON = curl_exec($req);
                $resp = json_decode($responseJSON, true);



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Don't encode the complete URL, you must only encode the GET-parameters(http_build_query will be a good choice for it):

                                    "SELECT ROWID 
                                      FROM 12rLP9qGYclz-kkDa_y_NJ1Meh81EZK_5o7yp38sk 
                                      WHERE shoptitle='{$shoptitle}'",
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That fixed it! The API key I'm using here is an open one (unrestricted) - I'll use a different one for my application. Thanks! – KRay Jul 27 '14 at 0:00

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