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I have a series of points in a GraphicsPath; for our purpose lets assume its the outline of an uppercase B. I want to be able to be able to draw only the bottom portion that would resemble an uppercase L.

I'd like to be able to select a window of points from the GraphicsPath. Is there a handy way to do this without doing point interpolation; ie have to write code to calculate slope math and possibly derivatives?

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I don't believe that there's a way to actually tell the Graphics class to "stop" halfway through a path, or somehow create a new path that intersects with a bounding box (without implementing the method yourself), but if you're just doing this so you can draw a certain part of the path, then you should be able to achieve what you want by setting the clipping region.

See the Graphics.ClipBounds property, which takes a RectangleF, or Graphics.Clip, which is a Region (the former is generally easier to use, unless you already have a Region instance).

If you need to use the partial path for something else then I'm not aware of any built-in way to do it.

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