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I have a django model that I want to attach an extra piece of information to, depending on the environment the instance is in (which user is logged in). For this reason, I don't want to do it at the database level.

Is this okay to do? Or are there problems that I don't foresee?

in models.py

class FooOrBar(models.Model):
    """Type is 'foo' or 'bar'
    def __init__(self, type):
        self.type = type

in views.py

class FooCheck(FooOrBar):
    """Never saved to the database
    def __init__(self, foo_or_bar):
        self.__dict__ = foo_or_bar.__dict__.copy()

    def check_type(self, external_type):
        if external_type == 'foo':
            self.is_foo = True
            self.is_foo = False

foos_or_bars = FooOrBar.objects.all()
foochecks = map(FooCheck, foos_or_bars)
for foocheck in foochecks:

extra credit question: Is there a more efficient way of calling a method on multiple objects i.e. replacing the last forloop with something clever?

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Okay, this does not work. Trying to delete a FooOrBar objects throws a complaint about

OperationalError at /

no such table: test_FooCheck

To get around this I'm just not going to inherit from FooOrBar, but if anyone has a suggestion on a better way to do it I'd be interested in hearing it

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I had a similar issue, I did something like:

class Foo(models.Model):
    # specific info goes here

class Bar(models.Model):
    # specific info goes here

class FooBar(models.Model):
    type = models.CharField(choices=CLASS_TYPES)
    id = models.IntegerField()

    #field to identify FooBar

then you can get the object back using

object = FooBar.CLASS_TYPES[instance.type].objects.get(id=instance.id)

where instance is the FooBar instance

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