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I'm new to AUTOIT so pardon me if this seems like a silly question. I am running a simple program that opens up a .exe file but the executable immediately closes after opening. How can I prevent the program from closing?

Local $engine= "C:\Users\Davis\Desktop\chessEngine\stockfish-5-win\Windows\stockfish_14053109_32bit.exe"

Run($engine, "", @SW_MAXIMIZE, $STDOUT_CHILD)

EDIT: It seems that removing the $STOUT_CHILD from the Run function leaves the executable open after executing. However, I need to read output from the program. Any reason for why this may be happening?

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Local $engine = "C:\Users\Davis\Desktop\chessEngine\stockfish-5-win\Windows\stockfish_14053109_32bit.exe"

Local $iPID = Run($engine, "", @SW_MAXIMIZE, $STDOUT_CHILD) 

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This ist an example how to get output from a DOS command.

ConsoleWrite(_getDOSOutput('ipconfig /all') & @CRLF)

Func _getDOSOutput($command)
    Local $text = '', $Pid = Run('"' & @ComSpec & '" /c ' & $command, '', @SW_HIDE, 2 + 4)
    While 1
            $text &= StdoutRead($Pid, False, False)
            If @error Then ExitLoop
    Return StringStripWS($text, 7)
EndFunc   ;==>_getDOSOutput
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