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Waiting for the end of compile is extremely boring.

So I used to do Stackoverflow and so on..

What do you usually do ?

and sorry about my poor English

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From xkcd:

alt text

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ah, i waitet for that answer :) –  knittl Mar 23 '10 at 6:59

Look for a job that only uses dynamic languages with no separate compile step.

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Browse and answer questions on stackoverflow.com

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For complex systems which take 20+ minutes, even when distributed onto 10+ compile servers, I do as much work as I can without requiring a long compile. Then, when about to go home for the day, off to lunch, or to a meeting, make the changes which require long compilation and then do a build all.

Of other systems, I can't recall any taking more than a minute (unless I'm using Microsoft tools), so there's mere seconds to reflect on what the next most important thing to do is.

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I usually go over to someone else's computer and help them.

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I don't usually need to wait longer than a minute max. (D compiles really fast) and the c# stuff I do usually isn't big enough to take that much time. Most the really big things I work on are in php and don't need to be compiled at all.

Doing something other than waiting seems to be counterproductive in pretty much everything I do. although I do get annoyed if I find a type after instinctively building a project after saving the current file and then noticing a type before its finished.

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