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I am building a custom element to read files in a given directory (e.g. ini files from a /config directory) and display them as a list wrapped in a core-selector. The user can then select a file from the list. All works fine except reading the selected data seems clumsy. The relevant code is:

        <core-selector on-core-activate={{getFileSelected}} selected="">
            <template repeat="{{file in files}}">

                    <span class="rnc-fileindex">{{file.index}}</span>
                    <span class="rnc-filename">{{file.commandFileName}}</span>



    Polymer('rnc-getscaffoldini', {
        matchstring: ".ini",
        configurationdirectory: "configuration",

        getFileSelected: function (e, detail, sender) {
            var fileSelected = detail.item.children[1].innerText;

            var fullPath = this.configurationdirectory + "/" + fileSelected;

            this.setAttribute('selectedfilename', fileSelected);
            this.setAttribute('selectedfullpathname', fullPath);


The code line:

var fileSelected = detail.item.children[1].innerText;

gets the selected file name okay. Is there a better way of getting the selected data fields back?

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sorry, does your code work and do you want to know if it's "good enough", or is your code actually broken? –  Mike 'Pomax' Kamermans Jul 27 at 8:45
Code works okay in Chrome 36+ IE11 and Opera 23.0 buts fails in FireFox 31.0. In the above code Firefox returns 'undefined'. –  HamptonNorth Jul 27 at 10:17
it looks like you're missing some markup still (starting at <polymer-element and ending at </polymer-element>), could you add that so that we can see what's going on? Or that plus a jsbin with your element code to show it working in Chrome but not Firefox? –  Mike 'Pomax' Kamermans Jul 27 at 18:01

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The selectedModel property published by core-selector refers to the selected data model. The repeat syntax here repeat="{{file in files}}"> means that each item has a data model that contains the scope data plus a property called file. That means for each item, the selected file is stored in the selector as selectedModel.file. You can use binding to access the data.

So, if you do:

<core-selector selectedModel="{{selectedModel}}">

then you can have:

selectedModelChanged: function() {
  // this.selectedModel.file refers to the particular file that is selected


Fwiw, you could also structure it this way:

<template repeat="{{files}}">
    <span class="rnc-fileindex">{{index}}</span>

Because of the different repeat syntax, now the data model is simply the file record, so:

<core-selector selectedModel="{{selectedFile}}">

then you can have:

selectedFileChanged: function() {
  // this.selectedFile refers to the particular file that is selected


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Thanks for the fix Peter. –  Scott Miles Jul 28 at 18:05

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