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I am using Fancybox for a simple gallery, with HTML like

<div class="item" href="0Showcase/Abstract/img/E75_2056.jpg" data-fancybox-group="button" title="">

Sometimes I need to show a picture directly based on a #number inthe URL for which I use the following code:

if (window.location.hash) { 
//    alert ('using index : '+parseInt(location.hash.substring(1)));
$.fancybox.open($(".item"), {index: 3});  // hardcoded for testing

This works fine in Version 2, but not in version 3 which will always show the first photo. Your help would be appreciated!

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well, that is the issue when working with betas. I guess you have to open a ticket at GitHub. It's not because index doesn't work but apparently this.group.length always returns 1 (the first image only) so no gallery. I would do this jsfiddle.net/XLK35/show/#1 as a workaround while the issue is fixed. –  JFK Jul 27 at 20:06
Thank you. I should have thought about that as a temp fix. I had reported this issue to the author already. –  user2556348emvi Jul 28 at 2:15

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