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Till now I was using "Merged into code" for "Framework Linkage" in
Flex Builder. Now, I changed it to "Runtime shared library". On doing
a release build I got myapp.swf which is roughly 260 KB which was earlier
close to 350 KB. It also generated framework.swz and framework.swf.
But I copied only myapp.swf on my web site and not framework.swz.

Still the website works just fine. I also cleared the flash player cache
from here. It works just fine without the .swz file. So my questions are:

Is the framework.swz file actually used or does the flash player have
a copy of it beforehand. And is that copy not cleared by clearing cache of
flash player?

And, even after clearing the cache, I didn't see a request for framework.swz in firebug. Why?

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The framework.swz RSL is stored in a special Flash Player cache. It works cross-domain. You will definitely need the framework.swz file there for those that don't yet have the RSL in their cache. On Linux the cache is at: .adobe/Flash_Player/AssetCache

Also, if you are not already doing so, make sure you do a Export Release Build for your production app. That will reduce the size further.

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Hi James, Thanks. On Windows the path is : C:\Documents and Settings{username}\Application Data\Adobe\Flash Player\AssetCache\YL8MBYGY Once I deleted the files in the above folder firebug did show a request being sent for framework.swz. Note: The folder Application Data might be a hidden folder. So you may need to perform some extra steps to get to it. –  dharm0us Mar 24 '10 at 11:10

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