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On a mouse click on the QLineEdit widget, I want to clear its content completely.

QLineEdit does not have a SIGNAL to detect mouse clicks, so I wrote the below class for installEventFilter.

But please suggest if I can channel this to SLOT("clear()"). Suggest where I am missing something-

class mouseclick(QObject):
    def __init__(self, parent=None):
        super(mouseclick, self).__init__(parent)
    def eventFilter(self, object, event):
        if (event.type() == QEvent.MouseButtonPress):
            self.emit(SIGNAL("aa"), "a")
        return False

class Form(QDialog):
    def __init__(self,parent=None):
        self.UsrName = QLineEdit("Username")
        self.filter = mouseclick()
        self.connect(self.UsrName,SIGNAL("aa"), SLOT("clear()"))
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Don't use event filter. You can achieve that with simple way:

self.UsrName = QLineEdit("username")
self.UsrName.mousePressEvent = lambda event: self.UsrName.clear()

That's it. Every time the user clicks the lineEdit, it will be cleared.

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