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I have jQuery to select all font elements that are children of the element with id="right" within the html stored in the var html... when I do an alert to see how many elements it gets:

alert($("#right > font", html).length);

it gives me an alert of: 5

but when I try any of the following, I don't get any alerts...

alert($("#right > font", html)[0].html());
alert($("#right > font", html)[0].text());
alert($("#right > font", html)[0].val());

Any Ideas?


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Since the element is not an instance of jQuery, and its just a DOM object you can't use any of the jQuery methods. You can use innerHTML to get the result.

alert($("#right > font", html)[0].innerHTML);

If you want to apply any of the jQuery methods to the element you have to make it a jquery object like

alert($($("#right > font", html)[0]).html());


$("#right > font").each(function(){
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Just to elaborate a little: When you access the numbered properties of a jQuery object, you get the original DOM objects and not jQuery objects. – Quentin Mar 23 '10 at 7:18

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