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I am learning PHP and tried to connect to MySQL. Altough I am using select DB, is still reports "No database selected". What is wrong, please? Thanks.



function ConnectToDb()
    if($query=mysql_query('select * from project')) 
        echo "TEST";
  else echo mysql_error($pripojeni);
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$user and $pass are in the wrong variable scope.

Pass the values as parameters:

ConnectToDb('test', 'aaa');

function ConnectToDb($user, $pass)
    $pripojeni = mysql_connect('localhost', $user, $pass);
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Thanks..I thought its the same as other languages. – Petr Mar 23 '10 at 7:05

You should give the function at least some parameters... try this:



function ConnectToDb($MyUser,$MyPass) {


...in order to tell your function which user and which password to use. Otherwise the function doesn't know that $user and $pass are related to it.

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