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I have a simple insert statement using PDO php class.

the 'id' column is identity (doy) with autoincrement.

$statement = $db->prepare('INSERT INTO demographics (id,location_id,male,ethnicity_id,birthyear) VALUES (:id,:location_id,:male,:ethnicity_id,:birthyear)');

$statement->bindParam(':location_id', $demo->locationid,PDO::PARAM_INT);


Even though the statement executes correctly (row is correctly written), $demo->id is null.

I have a very similar statement for a different table, and it correctly returns the id column.

Any thoughts?

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If id is autoincremented, you don't need to specify it when inserting into the table. What value are you giving to $demo->id?

If you need the id of the inserted entry, you could retrieve it using PDO::lastInsertId, then set the object's $id field with the value.

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Right, I'm not setting the id value, but I do need to retrieve it. The value I'm giving to $demo->id is null. My understanding is bindParam() will set the AI values. I was aware of PDO::lastInsertId, but I don't want to run the risk of getting the wrong id, due to a race condition. –  Alan Mar 23 '10 at 18:29

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