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I'm trying to open file changelog.txt and I need to open it no matter what user is opening it. It's however always located in ~/ directory. Access the file. Here's my code:

procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
var myFile : TextFile;
    line   : string;
     AssignFile(myFile, '~/changelog.txt');
       while not Eof(myFile) do
            ReadLn(myFile, line);
            Label3.Caption := (Label3.Caption + line + #13#10);

It doesn't work. However, if I replace ~ with the actual username, it works. However, I cannot know the username of each user that will run my program. Any ideas how can I get the username of user that started the program? Thanks!

Edit1: I have tried this, but it also includes a new line:

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This is normal. "~" is a shell level concept and thus needs a separate shell invocation to evaluate. Assignfile calls the kernel interfaces directly though and thus doesn't understand this.

Use getenvironmentvariable('HOME') to get the homedir from the environment. Better even, getuserdir allows to get the home dir in a crossplatform manner.

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SysUtils.GetUserDir - for *nix it is same as getenvironmentvariable('HOME') but it is also crossplatform. –  Abelisto Aug 4 at 12:52

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