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I have a table (say "Demographics") on SQL Server. In this table are the following columns "LastName", "FirstName", "MiddleName", "Prefix" , "Suffix".

I have one textbox to search for them on a webpage. My question: Whats a good design strategy for queries where the user could be searching for various combinations of names including last names that have spaces

e.g. "Smith James Jr." . Our customers store Jr. sometimes in suffix and sometimes just tack it to lastname. Sometimes Smith James Jr could be the entire last name.

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What SQL server edition? Full text search installed? –  TomTom Mar 23 '10 at 7:40

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You could start by by prioritising the mossible combinations (firstname + lastname, middlename + lastname, lastname + suffix, etc.). Then, for each combination, you could write a SELECT statement which returns a

SELECT 50 AS score, tableId
FROM SearchTable
WHERE '%' + FirstName + ' ' + LastName + '%' LIKE @searchphrase


SELECT 40 AS score, tableId
FROM SearchTable
WHERE '%' + MiddleName + ' ' + LastName + '%' LIKE @searchphrase


For each statement, you could manipulate the score at a finer level (for example +5 if it's a full match on LastName).

To filter out spaces and other non-searchable characters, I suggest you create a user-defined function.

Good luck!

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Noticed you are working on MS SQL 2005.
Have you looked at SQL Server 2005 Full-Text Search ?

Nice article about searching I'd rcommend: Understanding Full Text Search in SQL Server 2005

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