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It seems that aliasing of imported modules doesn't work correctly in fabric 1.9.0

E.g. I have a module named "fab" with a "foo.py" inside containing some tasks (task_a nand task_b).

└── fab
    ├── __init__.py
    └── foo.py

Now in my fabfile.py I want to expose the tasks from fab.foo, but as "foo.task_a" and "foo.task_b" (instead of "fab.foo.task_a" and "fab.foo.task_b"). According to the documentation I can simply alias the namespace like this:

import fab.foo as foo


import fab.foo
foo = fab.foo

Strangely, this doesn't work in every case. When I use import fab.foo as foo for example, I still get:

> fab list
Available commands (remember to call as module.[...].task):


The same happens if I use "f", "fooba" or "asdf_foo" as alias!

However, it does work for "foobar", "foo_bar" and "fb":

> fab list
Available commands (remember to call as module.[...].task):


I don't get it. What are the rules here?

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Could you make a gist or something giving a full example? –  Tim Hopper Dec 4 '14 at 20:52

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