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I want to create an empty label in Google apps using Google Mail API. Using Below code:

MailItemService mailItemService = new MailItemService(domain, "Sample Migration Application");
mailItemService.setUserCredentials(userEmail, password);

MailItemEntry[] entries = new MailItemEntry[1];

entries[0]              = new MailItemEntry();

entries[0].Labels.Add(new LabelElement("Empty Label"));

entries[0].BatchData    = new GDataBatchEntryData();
entries[0].BatchData.Id = "0"; 

MailItemFeed feed = mailItemService.Batch(domain, username, entries);

Above code is not giving any error but not creating label also.

If i assign some more values to entries it work nicely but it result in cretion of mail inside Label (But i want empty label)

Can anyone help me out here?


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You should use the Email Settings API to create labels for an user:


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