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How can I change the lut_manager.lut_mode of all the children of a Mayavi module? I have

mlab.figure(bgcolor=(1, 1, 1), fgcolor=(0, 0, 0), size=(600, 600))

# Read a data file.
data = mlab.pipeline.open('vtks/1.vtu')

# Extract vector comp and plot
vecomp = mlab.pipeline.extract_vector_components(data)
vecomp.component = 'z-component'

# vecomp.children.module_manager.scalar_lut_manager.lut_mode='hot' --> Doesn't work

surfc = mlab.pipeline.surface(vecomp)
# surfc.module_manager.scalar_lut_manager.lut_mode='hot' --> This works only for surfc

vec = mlab.pipeline.glyph(vecomp, mode='cone', scale_factor = 3.)
vec.glyph.color_mode = "color_by_scalar"
vec.glyph.scale_mode = 'data_scaling_off'
# vec.module_manager.scalar_lut_manager.lut_mode='hot'  --> This also works

What I want is that all the children instances from vecomp have the same colormap and not specify it for each module. From the GUI it is easy (only change it in the Colors and legends menu), but I do not know from python

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I don't know what extract_vector_components does and some brief experimentation has not left me with a clear picture of why you would want to create multiple child modules from it. Can you provide a self-contained example? –  aestrivex Jul 29 '14 at 21:46

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