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In my code I open up a bunch of Image objects like this:

image1 = + '\\my_image_1.png')
image2 = + '\\my_image_2.png')
image3 = + '\\my_image_3.png')
image4 = + '\\my_image_4.png')
image5 = + '\\my_image_5.png')

But doing so makes impossible to iterate through the Image objects in a for loop.

How can I either: 1) create an array of Image objects to then be able to use them in a for loop? Or if not possible: 2) step through the above images objects in a for loop another way?


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images = [, 'my_image_%d.png' % x)) for x in range(1, 6)]
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There are several ways, the one suggested by Ignacio is probably the most elegant. You could also do something like

images = []
images.append( + '\\my_image_1.png'))
images.append( + '\\my_image_2.png'))

If you have many images of large size that would take too much memory if opened at once, you might also consider not making an array of images, but array of paths. Then you would open the images individually in the for loop

base = "my_path"
paths = [os.path.join(base, 'my_image_%d.png' % x) for x in range(1, 6)]

for path in paths:
    image =
    # do something with the image
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