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I want to calculate how many unique logins from 2 (or probably more tables).

I tried this:

SELECT count(distinct(l1.user_id)) 
FROM `log_1` l1 
LEFT JOIN `log_2` l2 
ON l1.userid = l2.userid;

But it gives me result of l1. If I didnt put l1 on li.userid (distinct), it said "ambiguous".

How do I combine the table, and then select unique login of the combined table?


Tested: I test the count(distinct(l1.userid)) and count(distinct(l2.userid)). It gives me different result

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Can you define what you mean by "combine the table"? Do you want users that appear in either table? Users that appear in both tables? Something else? –  Mark Byers Mar 23 '10 at 9:35
@Mark Byers: I think it would be more accurate, if the users appear on both tables right? It takes really long to combines 4 tables, more than 2 minutes, and I am still waiting now. (Using my code above, change the LEFT JOIN to INNER JOIN) –  mysqllearner Mar 23 '10 at 9:46

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If you are using LEFT JOIN then you will get at least one row in the combined result for each row in l1, so the join is entirely unnecessary if you just want a distinct count. This would give you the same result as your query:

SELECT count(distinct(l1.user_id)) 
FROM `log_1` l1 

Perhaps you want an INNER JOIN or UNION instead? A UNION will count a user if they appear in either table. An INNER JOIN will count them only if they appear in both tables. Here's an example of the UNION:

SELECT count(*) FROM (
    SELECT distinct(user_id) FROM `log_1`
    SELECT distinct(user_id) FROM `log_2`
) T1
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