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I accidentally ran

git reset

in my project folder. Now when attempting to run "git add ." no changes appear and then 'git commit -m '(message)'", it will keep displaying the code below, even after I make different changes.

How can I alleviate this issue?

#       deleted:    bin/classes/com/example/androidChatter/FriendAdder$1.class
#       deleted:    bin/classes/com/example/androidChatter/FriendAdder$2.class
#       deleted:    bin/classes/com/example/androidChatter/FriendAdder$3.class
#       deleted:    bin/classes/com/example/androidChatter/FriendAdder.class
#       deleted:    bin/classes/com/example/androidChatter/ListOfFriends$1.class

#       deleted:    bin/classes/com/example/androidChatter/ListOfFriends$FriendL
#       deleted:    bin/classes/com/example/androidChatter/ListOfFriends$FriendL
#       deleted:    bin/classes/com/example/androidChatter/ListOfFriends$Message
#       deleted:    bin/classes/com/example/androidChatter/ListOfFriends.class
#       deleted:    bin/classes/com/example/androidChatter/PerformingMessaging$1
#       deleted:    bin/classes/com/example/androidChatter/PerformingMessaging$2
#       deleted:    bin/classes/com/example/androidChatter/PerformingMessaging$2
#       deleted:    bin/classes/com/example/androidChatter/PerformingMessaging$2
#       deleted:    bin/classes/com/example/androidChatter/PerformingMessaging$3
#       deleted:    bin/classes/com/example/androidChatter/PerformingMessaging$4
#       deleted:    bin/classes/com/example/androidChatter/PerformingMessaging$M
#       deleted:    bin/classes/com/example/androidChatter/PerformingMessaging.c
#       deleted:    bin/classes/com/example/androidChatter/toolBox/ControllerOfF
#       deleted:    bin/classes/com/example/androidChatter/toolBox/MessageContro
#       deleted:    bin/classes/com/example/feastapp/GroupChat$1.class
#       deleted:    bin/classes/com/example/feastapp/GroupChat$FriendListAdapter
#       deleted:    bin/classes/com/example/feastapp/GroupChat$FriendListAdapter
#       deleted:    bin/classes/com/example/feastapp/GroupChat$MessageReceiver.c
#       deleted:    bin/classes/com/example/feastapp/GroupChat.class
#       deleted:    bin/classes/com/example/feastapp/R$array.class
#       deleted:    bin/classes/com/example/feastapp/TestChat$1.class
#       deleted:    bin/classes/com/example/feastapp/TestChat$FriendListAdapter$
#       deleted:    bin/classes/com/example/feastapp/TestChat$FriendListAdapter.
#       deleted:    bin/classes/com/example/feastapp/TestChat$MessageReceiver.cl


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git add . does not stage file deletions. Try git add -u ., which will stage deletions (but will not stage new files).

If your Git version is new enough, it will support git add -A ., which will stage all new files, deleted files, and modified files at once (effectively updating the index to exactly match the working tree, excluding ignored files).

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Thanks, that did it. I used git add -u ., then commited and restarted computer, now it works fine like it did when I used git add ., thanks –  Sauron Jul 28 '14 at 0:56
@Eatlon There is never any need to restart your computer when working with Git, unless a Git software upgrade requires it (which would only happen on Windows). –  cdhowie Jul 28 '14 at 6:56

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