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I'm fairly new in DB2, can you please help me debug the statements below. I just wanted to use the variables into different select statements (and save it to a temporary table as well) but it generates this error

DB2 Database Error: SQL0104N  An unexpected token "schemaA" was found following "ECT count(*)    FROM".  Expected tokens may include:  ",".  LINE NUMBER=11.  SQLSTATE=42601

NOTE: @cYear is any valid year; a parameter in TOAD



SET  (cKey, cVersion) =  (SELECT  max(c.KEY), max(c.VERSION) FROM schemaA.COLLECTION c WHERE c.YEAR = @cYear) ;

SELECT count(*) FROM schemaA.tbl_Fact tf WHERE tf.CKEY = cKey AND   tf.CVERSION = cVersion ;
SELECT count(*) FROM schemaA.tbl_Scope ts WHERE ts.CKEY = cKey AND ts.CVERSION = cVersion ;


If I run the Declare and Set statements only or just the select statement without the where clause, it displays an Executed Successfully message.

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It is difficult to understand how Toad works. If you want to execute that in DB2, it won't work because of the final semi-colon; it should be another character. Also, the @cYear won't work in DB2, but probably Toad transform that, and that is where you have to look up. Finally, what do you want to do? do you want to show the values? you should return an open cursor (result set) –  AngocA Jul 28 '14 at 11:42

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