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I have 5 combobox in a WPF application.

Below is the code to bind all comboboxes

private void BindYears()
        cbBeginYear.ItemsSource = listOfYears;
        cbBeginYear.DisplayMemberPath = "YearID";
        cbBeginYear.SelectedValuePath = "YearID";

        cbEnd_Year.ItemsSource = listOfYears;
        cbEnd_Year.DisplayMemberPath = "YearID";
        cbEnd_Year.SelectedValuePath = "YearID";

        cbExactYear.ItemsSource = listOfYears;
        cbExactYear.DisplayMemberPath = "YearID";
        cbExactYear.SelectedValuePath = "YearID";

        cbStart_Year.ItemsSource = listOfYears;
        cbStart_Year.DisplayMemberPath = "YearID";
        cbStart_Year.SelectedValuePath = "YearID";

        cbEndYear.ItemsSource = listOfYears;
        cbEndYear.DisplayMemberPath = "YearID";
        cbEndYear.SelectedValuePath = "YearID";

Can I do the same in this way and will this below method will help to increase any kind of performance.

private void BindYears()
            cbEndYear.ItemsSource = cbStart_Year.ItemsSource = cbExactYear.ItemsSource = cbEnd_Year.ItemsSource = cbBeginYear.ItemsSource = listOfYears;
            cbEndYear.DisplayMemberPath = cbStart_Year.DisplayMemberPath = cbExactYear.DisplayMemberPath = cbEnd_Year.DisplayMemberPath = cbBeginYear.DisplayMemberPath = "YearID";
            cbEndYear.SelectedValuePath = cbStart_Year.SelectedValuePath = cbExactYear.SelectedValuePath = cbEnd_Year.SelectedValuePath = cbBeginYear.SelectedValuePath = "YearID";
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You could measure it? –  Prescott Jul 28 '14 at 5:02
I am not sure, my main concern is best practices. which is the best way to go from the above two –  Gaurav123 Jul 28 '14 at 5:06
Best practice is NOT to do it using C#. Use XAML and use MVVM. As for performance..the best practice is to get it working, then IFF you have perf issue THEN perf tune it. –  Aron Jul 28 '14 at 6:07

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Per your comment, I'd probably do it this way:

private void BindYears(Combobox box)
    box.ItemsSource = listOfYears;
    box.DisplayMemberPath = "YearID";
    box.SelectedValuePath = "YearID";

private void BindBoxes()
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The OP asked about performance. Given a JITer, HOW is that actually faster than what the OP has written? It might be true that I would "refactor" the code like you IF I had to. But if this is about best practice, then the OP should be using MVVM. –  Aron Jul 28 '14 at 6:11

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