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I need to convert series of images drawn as white on black background letters to images where white and black are inverted (as negative). How can I achieve this using PIL?

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Try the following from the docs:

from PIL import Image
import PIL.ImageOps    

image ='your_image.png')

inverted_image = PIL.ImageOps.invert(image)'new_name.png')

Note: "The ImageOps module contains a number of 'ready-made' image processing operations. This module is somewhat experimental, and most operators only work on L and RGB images."

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Oh, it seems I've missed that module. Thanks. – bialix Mar 23 '10 at 13:33

If the image is RGBA transparent this will fail... This should work though:

from PIL import Image
import PIL.ImageOps    

image ='your_image.png')
if image.mode == 'RGBA':
    r,g,b,a = image.split()
    rgb_image = Image.merge('RGB', (r,g,b))

    inverted_image = PIL.ImageOps.invert(rgb_image)

    r2,g2,b2 = inverted_image.split()

    final_transparent_image = Image.merge('RGBA', (r2,g2,b2,a))'new_file.png')

    inverted_image = PIL.ImageOps.invert(image)'new_name.png')
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