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Is there a comprehensive online reference listing all standard SQL keywords / functions? (More helpful if they are listed together and not spread about a site.)

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Are you just looking for a list, or do you want it to have links to further information? – DOK Oct 30 '08 at 12:23
Both if possible. I'm learning each command one at a time to familiarise myself with all available. – Gary Willoughby Oct 30 '08 at 14:25
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try these lists:

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Check this for all the reserved words for ANSI SQL standards.

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w3schools is probably a pretty good shout.

more specifically you can refer to the RDBMS manual itself which will probably detail how to use every supported feature.

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Can you provide a link for that w3schools page? – DOK Oct 30 '08 at 12:22 – John Oct 30 '08 at 12:47

Here's a list of all the reserved SQL words, but I also found this SQL Reserved Words Checker tool to be interesting..

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Hyperlinked BNF Grammar ?

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This is the Microsoft reference (for T-SQL):

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Note that link is for SQL Server 2000, but you can reach similar pages for 2005 and 2008 through the tree on the left (if it's not visible, click on the body of the page and press T). – Dave DuPlantis Oct 30 '08 at 12:06

You can find Oracle 10g reserved words here. The table of contents also lists all functions.

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The PostgreSQL's list (also contains the lists from SQL-92, SQL:1999 and SQL:2003 standards).

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