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Is it possible via window.open to open a page with information about the version of the browser? My browser is Google Chrome.


This code opens a new tab "about:blank".

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You cannot use any of the usual APIs from the Web platform to open chrome:// pages.

These pages can be opened using chrome.tabs.create though:

    url: 'chrome://version'
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I tried using this in content script but this is not working. It shows Cannot read property 'create' of undefined –  Parag Gangil Jul 28 at 11:54
@ParagGangil This API is not available to content scripts. Put the chrome.tabs.create call in a background or event page, and send a message from the content script to the background page to open the new tab. –  Rob W Jul 28 at 11:56

You're not allowed to do this (security reason, probably):

Try typing that in the console:

window.location.href = "chrome://version/"

output: Not allowed to load local resource: chrome://version/

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