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I've developed a web application. It needs to be translated to languages other than English in the future, and ideally the translators shouldn't need to know HTML/JS/C++ to provide the translation. The server side of the web application is written in C++ and the majority of the localised text is in the HTML files.

My question is: What approaches are there to translating web applications? -

  • Are there any existing tools that would enable a translator who doesn't understand HTML to translate a site?
  • Should I write an application that extracts the localised text from a html file and can re-substitute translated text?
  • Do you just provide the html file to your translators to be localised?

I'm aware the question isn't strictly programming related but the solution may involve programming and it may require some software engineering.

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have you considered looking at a CMS that provides localization out of the box? –  Marek Mar 23 '10 at 10:24

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Having some experience in localization of the applications, I can tell you the following:

  • Any translator you can rely on, will not have problems with HTML (assuming that the translation would not break the design)
  • Most professional translators use translation memory applications (i.e., Transit, Trados) that can parse many document formats (XML, HTML, PDF, .DOC, etc.) and separate markup from content. They will deliver a translated copy in the same format as original.
  • All messages to be translated that are used within your programming code should be isolated in resource bundles. Almost all popular web-application frameworks have the corresponding means. The bundles are usually just plain text files with key/value pairs. Translator should not see the code.
  • Messages in resource bundles can be formatting strings for printf-like functions. In that case, you should document the expected 'fillers'.
  • When you provide resource bundles to translators, be sure to attach instructions how to get the texts in the application interface, so that the translator would know the context of the given message.
  • If any labels should not exceed a length, you should inform about it in advance.
  • If the application uses company-specific terminology, you should provide a glossary, so that the translation would be consistent.
  • Do your best to get rid of texts on images. Those will be your head ache.
  • If you translate from English, you might face the necessity to introduce additional logic to cover the grammatical features of the target language (correct case, gender)
  • it is very smart to store user manual text and similar texts in simple XML format (a subset of XHTML, DOCBOOK) and apply an XSL transformation for resulting HTML. It allows easily outsource the translation and validate the format of the document.

The list is certainly not web-application specific.

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The best and most professional way is to provide a web interface for translation agencies. This way you can outsource the work anywhere you please.

Also think of embedding the UI into your development process. You add new textual resources to your application, they are automatically published in this UI. Agencies perform translation and mark this particular item as translated. The build picks up the already translated resources and substitutes stubs or default texts with those translations. If a string is reported as being incorrectly translated, you mark it to send for repeated translation again.

This is easily done when this is conceived from the beginning of the development. It's not exactly a feature you can easily add later, but it is of course possible.

For this to work, you need to store every translatable piece of text somewhere special. Either you keep them in a database, store in some XML file, you need two things:

  • Integrate those resources into your development process. For instance, when you compile a project, the resources are picked up from that storage and put into their proper places in the code, markup or whatever you do.

  • Provide external access to that storage. Add/delete rights only to yourself, add/modify translations for existing items for external users.

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First of all, keep every translatable unit of text in a uniquely identified div tag on each web page. Store the content in a database table that has the div id and the language id as the key and a text field for the content. Allow basic HTML markup, but no script or styling.

Have a page on your system to set language preferences, and store it on the user's profile, or in a long-lasting cookie in the user's browser.

Have your web application render the unique div or span tags from the database based on the language preference.

You can have a separate application that displays the default text (e.g. English) and then has a text area for a translator to type in a translation. Once it is typed in, that div tag can be rendered in the language of the user's choice.

Another big thing to watch for is that some content is layout-independent, such as paragraphs, blog postings, etc. Other content is very layout-dependent such as menu items, headers, etc. Also, some languages such as Hebrew and Arabic go from right to left instead of left to right. That may affect how the translated content is laid out. In such situations, you may want a separate layout template for those languages, and the selection of the template would be driven by the language preference.

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As the above individuals have mentioned - string externalization is in most respects the core concept in Internationalization/Localization. Your choice of bundles depends on platform - for C getText is a popular option.

While you could write a translation frontend, if you're mostly translating application UI (as opposed to content) then the above approach, combined with either a desktop app (there are many, you can just ship translators the String bundles, and they can edit and return) or, my favorite these days, Pootle (which is a web front-end, and can commit translations direct to SCM) can provide friendly frontends

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    SELECT 9, N'ar-LB', N'Arabic - Lebanon', N'0x3001', N'ARB', NULL, 0, N'ar_LB' UNION ALL
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    SELECT 22, N'eu-ES', N'Basque - Basque', N'0x042D', N'EUQ', NULL, 0, N'eu_ES' UNION ALL
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    SELECT 24, N'bg-BG', N'Bulgarian - Bulgaria', N'0x0402', N'BGR', NULL, 1, N'bg_BG' UNION ALL
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    SELECT 130, N'th-TH', N'Thai - Thailand', N'0x041E', N'THA', NULL, 0, N'th_TH' UNION ALL
    SELECT 131, N'tr-TR', N'Turkish - Turkey', N'0x041F', N'TRK', NULL, 0, N'tr_TR' UNION ALL
    SELECT 132, N'uk-UA', N'Ukrainian - Ukraine', N'0x0422', N'UKR', NULL, 0, N'uk_UA' UNION ALL
    SELECT 133, N'ur-PK', N'Urdu - Pakistan', N'0x0420', N'URD', NULL, 0, N'ur_PK' UNION ALL
    SELECT 134, N'Cy-uz-UZ', N'Uzbek (Cyrillic) - Uzbekistan', N'0x0843', N' ', NULL, 0, N'Cy_uz_UZ' UNION ALL
    SELECT 135, N'Lt-uz-UZ', N'Uzbek (Latin) - Uzbekistan', N'0x0443', N' ', NULL, 0, N'Lt_uz_UZ' UNION ALL
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(N'[dbo].[Msg]') AND type in (N'U'))
DROP TABLE [dbo].[Msg]

/****** Object:  Table [dbo].[Msg]    
Script Date: 03/31/2010 21:07:41 ******/


CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Msg](
[MsgId] [int] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL,
[Txt][nvarchar](max) NOT NULL , 
 -- This is the Developers language ; )
 -- it is based , but not equal to the humans natural English language 
[Description] [varchar](max) NULL,
[IsGlobal] [bit] NULL,
[Txt_en_Us] [nvarchar](max) NULL,
[Txt_fi_Fi] [nvarchar](max) NULL , 
    [MsgId] ASC

 ALTER  TABLE [dbo].[Msg]
 ALTER COLUMN [Txt_fi_FI] [nvarchar](4000)
 COLLATE Finnish_Swedish_CS_AI

 <doc> Stores all the messages in the Application. When adding     
 new language a new column must be added </doc>

 /****** Object:  Index [IX_Msg]    
Script Date: 03/31/2010 21:07:41 ******/
    [MsgId] ASC

--soon to come --> sql to get dynamically the vals

-- Get the list of all the English words 
-- and insert it .. 

    INSERT INTO [dbo].[Msg] ([Txt]) VALUES ( N'aA') ;
    INSERT INTO [dbo].[Msg] ([Txt]) VALUES ( N'aH') ;
    INSERT INTO [dbo].[Msg] ([Txt]) VALUES ( N'aI') ;
    INSERT INTO [dbo].[Msg] ([Txt]) VALUES ( N'aN') ;
    INSERT INTO [dbo].[Msg] ([Txt]) VALUES ( N'aU') ;
    INSERT INTO [dbo].[Msg] ([Txt]) VALUES ( N'aW') ;
    INSERT INTO [dbo].[Msg] ([Txt]) VALUES ( N'aX') ;
    INSERT INTO [dbo].[Msg] ([Txt]) VALUES ( N'aa') ;
    INSERT INTO [dbo].[Msg] ([Txt]) VALUES ( N'ab') ;
    INSERT INTO [dbo].[Msg] ([Txt]) VALUES ( N'ac') ;
    INSERT INTO [dbo].[Msg] ([Txt]) VALUES ( N'ad') ;
    INSERT INTO [dbo].[Msg] ([Txt]) VALUES ( N'ae') ;
    INSERT INTO [dbo].[Msg] ([Txt]) VALUES ( N'af') ;
    INSERT INTO [dbo].[Msg] ([Txt]) VALUES ( N'ag') ;
    INSERT INTO [dbo].[Msg] ([Txt]) VALUES ( N'ah') ;
    INSERT INTO [dbo].[Msg] ([Txt]) VALUES ( N'ai') ;
    INSERT INTO [dbo].[Msg] ([Txt]) VALUES ( N'aj') ;
    INSERT INTO [dbo].[Msg] ([Txt]) VALUES ( N'ak') ;
    INSERT INTO [dbo].[Msg] ([Txt]) VALUES ( N'al') ;
    INSERT INTO [dbo].[Msg] ([Txt]) VALUES ( N'am') ;
    INSERT INTO [dbo].[Msg] ([Txt]) VALUES ( N'an') ;
    INSERT INTO [dbo].[Msg] ([Txt]) VALUES ( N'ao') ;
    INSERT INTO [dbo].[Msg] ([Txt]) VALUES ( N'ap') ;
    INSERT INTO [dbo].[Msg] ([Txt]) VALUES ( N'aq') ;
    INSERT INTO [dbo].[Msg] ([Txt]) VALUES ( N'ar') ;
    INSERT INTO [dbo].[Msg] ([Txt]) VALUES ( N'as') ;
    INSERT INTO [dbo].[Msg] ([Txt]) VALUES ( N'at') ;

DECLARE @langCode nvarchar(8) 
set @langCode = 'en_US'

DECLARE @StrSqlCode nvarchar(max) 
set @StrSqlCode = 'SELECT Txt' + '_' + @langCode + ' from Msg      
where IsGlobal = 1'

exec ( @StrSqlCode) 
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Most of the commercial websites maintain different webpage for different langues which obviously is not a feasible solution. Translation of webpage into an all together different language can be of two type : UI level and Functional Level.

At UI level , you translate the label text, button text, table Header , DropDown and menu options into their corresponding text in different language.

Functional level is where you have to work a bit harder by providing proper translation of datetime and currency fields. For e.g. 100 $ is not same as 100 Euro (A blunder I committed in my application!!)....

I used jQuery DOM manipulation technique to translate the text depending upon the selection made by the user. I stored all the text and their corresponding translation into Database.Also using asp.net profiles , I maintained users preference during login/logout operations.

Also in your application give user explicit option to select new language rather than relying on browser language settings.

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