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I have a comboBox that contains cars objects like the following:

<ComboBox x:Name="carsCombo" Grid.Column="1" >


when the page is loaded, I don't set any selection in the code so no car is selected.. However the initial display of the comboBox will put a lable saying: "choose an item"

I want to change that string to : " choose a car" or whatever instruction i want to give the user.

I tried many properties of the comboBox but I failed.

I don't like the solution of adding and empty item and then selecting it. Because I think I can change this sentence in XAML

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you can use the property PlaceholderText directly in XAML.

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you can set the property "IsSelected" of one of your item to true.

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this doesn't answer the question. –  Olly Cruickshank Jan 16 at 17:19
@igor answered it already, what i was missing is placeholderText property –  stackunderflow Jan 16 at 18:27

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