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I have a bit of php code like this:

$test = "<!--my comment goes here--> Hello World";

Now i want to strip the whole html comment from the string, i know i need to use preg_replace, but now sure on the regex to go in there. Can anybody help? Thanks

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a) Duplicate:… b) Better not do this with regex. – Tim Pietzcker Mar 23 '10 at 10:31
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<!--my comment goes here--> Hello World"
blah  <!-- my another
comment here --> blah2

foreach($s as $v){
print $r."\n";


$ php test.php
Hello World"
blah  < blah2

Or if you must preg_replace,

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$test = "<!--my comment goes here--> Hello World";
echo  preg_replace('/\<.*\> / ','',$test);

Use the following code for global replace:

$test = "<!--my comment goes here--> Hello World <!--------welcome-->welcome";
echo  preg_replace('/\<.*?\>/','',$test);
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Those will only work if you dont have 2 comments with content between like ...

<!--comment--> Im a goner <!--comment-->

You need ...

//preg_replace('/<!--[^>]*-->/', '', $html); // <- this is incorrect see ridgrunners comments below, you really need ...
preg_replace('/<!--.*?-->/', '', $html);

The [^>] matches anything but > so as to not go past the matching > seeking the next. I havent tested phps regex but it claims to be perl regex which is by default 'greedy' and will match as much as possible.

But since youre matching a specifically named placeholder you just need the entire string and to use str_replace() instead.

str_replace('<!--my comment goes here-->', $comment, $html);

And, rather than replacing placeholders in a file just make it a php file and write out the variables.


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No, a > is allowed and is perfectly valid inside a comment. The .*? lazy-dot-star is actually the better expression in this case (and does not remove the "Im a goner" text as you infer), – ridgerunner Apr 19 '11 at 20:43
preg_replace('/<!--(.*)-->/Uis', '', $html)

Will remove every html comment contained in the $html string. Hope this helps!

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 preg_replace('~<!--.+?-->~s', '', $html);
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This is the only good answer on this whole page. I have added a "m" modifier too. – Damien Oct 7 '11 at 15:20

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