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Network configuration

  1. A WiFi switch is setup with Subnet A
  2. A LAN switch is setup with Subnet B
  3. Each subnet can access IPs of the other

AirPlay configuration

  1. AirReceiver is setup on a Windows Desktop machine @ subnet B, that Desktop machine has two IPs, one at each subnet
  2. iPhone is connected via WiFi to Subnet A
  3. The iPhone CAN access a WebSite installed at Subnet B
  4. The iPhone CANNOT access the AirPlay receiver on Subnet B ( Using the menu pulled from the bottom of the iPhone screen, No AirPlay button is presented )

Problem Definition

While other devices on Subnet B detect the AirReceiver, The iPhone device on Subnet A doesn't detect the AirReceiver on subnet B.
Might this be related with Bonjour configuration? might it be that the Bonjour service listen only on one of the IPs? can the Bonjour service be setup to listen on multiple Subnets/IPs ?

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