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So I have 4 Actions Logs that I use daily which i'd like to consolidate into one for my own purposes (essentially a filterable "to-do" list I can use for tracking without having to go into 4 workbooks all the time). The Action Logs are idental in their column structure (meaning they all go ID/title/owner/priority..etc).

I've tried using an HLookup, but I can only seem to get across one set of data.

=HLOOKUP(A2;'FDB Actions'!A2:A1000;2;FALSE) This is what I have so far, but when I try to include multiple sources it just doesn't like it. Is an HLookup the right way, or do I need to try something else?

I was thinking of just pivoting out this information perhaps, but it'd be nicer to just have a single sheet with all the data in if possible?

Any help would be appreciated!

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Sounds like you should be using vlookup instead of Hlookup. –  MBK Jul 28 '14 at 9:30
Just to be clear i'll give an example. So I have a MasterSheet with an ID column. I then have 3-4 workbooks with an ID column. What I want is to have all the ID's from my other workbook in my master sheet. The Hlookup works because I can use the column name as the identifier, and then simply return all the data in that column. It works well when I just do one column, but when I try to source from multiple it gives me an "invalid" error in red in the formula constructor window. –  JavaStarta Jul 28 '14 at 14:25

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