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I have added two ethernet interfaces on a linux bridge. I started seeing too many packets on the both connected interfaces by using tcpdump.

The tcpdump message is:

IP > igmp quer v2

The machine is virtual machine & has centos OS 6.3 installed.

What is the reason both the interfaces are getting flooded with the igmp packets continiously? Its sort of loop. How to solve this?

The procedure I followed:

brctl addbr mybr
brctl addif mybr eth0
brctl addif mybr eth1
ifconfig mybr up

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is a reserver IANA multicast address = "The All Hosts multicast group addresses all hosts on the same network segment",so your linux bridge is working as layer 2 switch –  c4f4t0r Jul 29 at 0:04
@c4f4t0r These multicasts packets are getting flooded on both the attached interface on linux bridge. How can i stop this flooding? –  nebi Jul 29 at 4:07
try to disable the spanning tree –  c4f4t0r Jul 29 at 5:49
tried that also, but it doesn't stop flooding. –  nebi Jul 29 at 7:17
are you sure you don't have any software in your virtual machines doing igmp query? because i have a xen physical host with 4 sle 11 sp2 and i don't see any multicast traffic –  c4f4t0r Jul 29 at 8:44

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