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I'm newbie in Angular JS. I'm trying to structure my application with Angular JS & Require JS. After studying multiple blogs and documents I've structured my application like the following.

enter image description here

I'm following angular-requirejs-seed for my application. But I'm confused about few things, whether those are the best practices or I can improve my code. So I need suggestions from the experts.

1. Defining controller for the modules:- In my application there is a main module, which is defined within app.js and there are two more modules, one is User module and the second one is Admin module. I'm added both User & Admin module as the dependency of main module. Now for user module I need to define few controllers, which will be defined in separate files. So in main.js of UserModule I've written:-

define(['angular'], function (angular) {

   return angular.module('UserModule', [])

  .controller(LoginCtrl', ['$scope', '$injector', function($scope, $injector) {

       require(['controllers/logincontrollerl'], function(loginctrl) {

            $injector.invoke(loginctrl, this, {

            '$scope': $scope





And then within logincontroller.js I've written

define([], function() {

  return ['$scope', function($scope) {




As we can't define a controller until a module is defined, so we can't add the controller as the top most require part of main.js. But is it good to define all the controllers within main.js and require all those in this way? What I want is, to define each controller within the controller file itself not within the main.js. So please suggest me what should I do.

2. Defining routers:- In the router.js I've written:-

define(['app'], function (app) {

  return app.config(['$routeProvider', function($routeProvider) {

    $routeProvider.when('/signin', {

      templateUrl: 'app/modules/user/views/signin.html'



      redirectTo: '/home'




Here for a specific route I need to define the template url, but I don't think it's good. Because not only I've to define the template url for each route but also I need to define the controller name for each route. So either I've to write :-

$routeProvider.when('/signin', {

  templateUrl: 'app/modules/user/views/signin.html',

  controller: 'LoginCtrl'


or if I just declare the template url, then within sign.html I've to declare the ng-controller directive. But router will decide which template show when we have modules and controllers?

What I want is, on each route the router will fire an event or something like that to the corresponding module, say UserModule and the module will redirect it to a specific controller and the controller will decide which template to show. I think that may be better structure. So please suggest me what should I do to create this type of structure.

3.Routing with partial views:- Beside the routing issue, suppose I've a view and on route change I need to change some part of the view, so it'll be hard define that through template url in routes. So please suggest how to do that. I don't want to use same html written in two different files for two separate routes.

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