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I have a condition such as 'a==1' stored in property $(c) and I wanna used it as the condition for task Message like below code:


  <Target Name="t">
    <Message Text="122333" Condition="$(aa)" />

Error was raised! So, how can I do it? Please help!

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You can easily use property values for evaluating conditions. Here is an example:


<Target Name="Build">
    <Message Text="Some text" Condition=" $(aa) &lt; 2 " />

Note that:

  • Property values are strings, you must evaluate the condition in the Condition attribute. See MSDN Docs on evaluating conditions.
  • You must escape XML characters (replace < with &lt; )
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I agree with you. In addition to note, I put "1 &lt; 2" into property aa and see that the condition doesn't work! So what can we do to have the codition stored in a property? I try to escape &lt; one more time, i.e. "1 %26lt%3B 2" is put into aa, but it is not accepted either. I give up :( –  Nam G VU Mar 25 '10 at 14:57

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