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We have a nodejs project running on Amazon Elastic Beanstalk that uses private modules that we host using nodejitsu's private npm registry.

However getting access to the private npm registry from the elastic instances hasn't been straightforward and is not documented well.

What is the best way to get this access set up?

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So, we managed to get this working by using the npm userconfig file. See the doc page for npmrc for more info.

When a nodejs application is being deployed to Elastic Beanstalk, the root user runs npm install. So you will need to write the root's npm userconfig file, which is at /tmp/.npmrc.

So if you add a file called private_npm.config (or whatever name you choose) to your .ebextensions folder with all the information needed, you will be good to go. See Customizing and Configuring AWS Elastic Beanstalk Environments for more info.

So here is what my file looks like to use nodejitsu private registry.


  #this is the npm user config file path
    mode: "000777"
    owner: root
    group: root
    content: |
      _auth = <MY_AUTH_KEY>
      always-auth = true
      registry = <PATH_TO_MY_REGISTRY>
      strict-ssl = true
      email = <NPM_USER_EMAIL>
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Genius, that worked! –  Ariel Flesler Aug 27 at 19:17

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