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Is it possible to use any of the many implementations of comet like streamhub..etc with a hosted web account from providers like GoDaddy i.e. get a domain and web hosting account from them.

I want to host a iphone web application on go daddy, but i need to have comet i.e. data/ notifications pushed to my application.

Any other alteranative will also be helpful?

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You have a few options here: 1) complete server install, 2) server addon, or 3) hosted service.

1) If you have access to install things on your server, then you can run any comet server you want. Name one, it pretty much should work (StreamHub, Jetty, WebSync, whatever).

2) If you do not have access to install things (ie, most shared hosting), but you're running IIS, you can try WebSync. To my knowledge it's the only comet server that just needs an existing web server (IIS) and a DLL to run; however, it's not free.

3) If you don't have access to install things, and you're not running IIS, you're going to need a hosted comet service, such as WebSync On-Demand. That gets you the comet capabilities without requiring server-side components, and works well on shared hosting. It's free if you have limited numbers of concurrent users. There may well be other hosted comet servers out there as well, though I don't personally know of them.

[Disclaimer: I work for Frozen Mountain Software, which makes WebSync]

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thanks for the response. I dont think i have access to install things as it is shared hosting. But i will confirm that. Also i'm hosting in a linux environment, do i have any options in this case? – Shishya Mar 25 '10 at 10:55
In that scenario, I think you're stuck with option #3; I've got a personal server that I use for some testing that demonstrates On-Demand working on a shared box on HostGator, so I know that option'll work for you (jerodandangela.com/fm-xd.htm), but other than that, I'm not sure you've got a whole lot of options if you can't install anything. – jvenema Mar 25 '10 at 14:43
Clarification - you're going to need option #3 if you're on shared hosting and running Linux. Option #1 is totally available for Linux if you can install stuff. – jvenema Mar 25 '10 at 21:12

The answer is outdated. PokeIn Comet Ajax Library works with hosting services.

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You can use APE server on an Amazon EC2 instance.

APE Server is free - you just pay for EC2 usage.

Link: APE Project

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