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I have a local phpMyAdmin (installed via apt-get) adn I'm tired of entering login and password every time I try to open it. Database contains no sensitive info, just test tables, and is visible only from

I want phpMyAdmin already be logged in as root user with password 1234 (for example) when I open it. How do I do that?

P.S. Saving password in a browser is not what I want.


    $cfg['Servers'][$i]['user']          = 'root';
    $cfg['Servers'][$i]['password']      = '1234'; // use here your password
    $cfg['Servers'][$i]['auth_type']     = 'config';
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You should be less lazy and start by looking at the documentation because it's all described in detail.


So basically, you set auth_type to config, and give it the correct user and password.

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