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I know there is a command that updates the changes like

c:\svn up <working directory>

i wonder if there is any command line statement which can commit the changes.

..: Any help would be appreciated :..

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cd <working directory>    
svn commit -m "your comment"
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In addition to consulting the SVN documentation, you can also run

svn help

for a list of all the commands. Then you can get specific help by running

svn help commit

for example.

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C:> SVN commit (your path here)

would do the trick

you might want to use the Svn red book

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By default, check in/commit will commit all changed files:

$ svn ci -m "Finally fixed the bug that caused the printer to erupt into flames"
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This is nice. But i don't where i can write this script? Can i write it inside .bat file? – uzay95 Mar 23 '10 at 13:36

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